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Show the Light

IMG_6491Christmas may be season of receiving gifts and blessings, but it goes beyond that. It is a time of sincere generosity.Jesus Christ, the reason why we are celebrating Christmas, is the epitome of giving. He lovingly gave his life to mankind by dying on the cross. This way, each one of us may enjoy eternal life, only if we accept this Giver as Savior.Christmas may be season of receiving gifts and blessings, but it goes beyond that. It is a time of sincere generosity.

Giving is believed to be a harder thing to do than receiving, probably because society associates it with money. For some, the word ‘gift’ only means any material thing given willingly.

However, it does not entail shelling out cash all the time, especially in the present when lifestyles and circumstances are complex.

The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) believes that there are many things that could be given this season. First, people could send words of gratitude or any words of appreciation to loved ones and friends who have been present through the laughs and sighs of life. This way, they could affirm that they are remembered and recognized as those who showed love and care in life.

Silliman is a campus where most of the students come from different cities and provinces around the Philippines and other countries, which means students are most likely far from their families. Christmas break has always been a time of reunions and bondings as students return to their respective homes. For parents, full attention is a heart-warming gift; they want to catch up with their children’s activities and endeavors while studying far away from them. So it would also be a good move to spend more time interacting with family members without distractions like constant checking of social media sites, playing games in gadgets, among others.

Forgiveness should also be given to everyone, including enemies or anyone who caused pain. True love does not choose. In this season, pride and grudge should be disregarded. Instead, people should forgive just as how Christ forgives man’s transgressions.

This December, Christmas lights were placed on the acacia trees and gumamela bushes near the SU Church, making people who pass by remember the Light behind the holiday season. Before the holiday break in the university starts, tWS would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. May Christ’s presence be seen and realized as everyone gives.~


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