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Just Doing Our Job


Through the years, the political arena of the Philippines has been filled with problems. One of the main reasons for the rise of these issues is the presence of incompetent people who are trying to run for various government posts.

It is more convenient to access information and be educated about them and their political parties, friends, and foes, too, with the rise of online media. From other mainstream media like newspapers to radio, facts about these individuals are exposed, especially that elections are nearing.

Media practitioners who cover politics-related beats are often subjected to the criticism that they appear antagonistic and unmerciful when they interview politicians. TV host and news anchor Karen Davila is one example.

Davila’s interview with Parañaque Councilor and senatorial aspirant Alma Moreno on ANC Headstart last week has been a talk of the country because of Moreno’s unsure answers to her interview questions about her advocacy and intentions of running in the Senate. At the same time, she was also criticized because she was considered as insensitive to Moreno.

People on social media said that Davila could have given her a copy of questions beforehand, knowing that Moreno’s a political neophyte. Davila could have been a more ‘gracious’ host, not a host who crosses her arms and legs and talk with a judgmental tone. Politicians, for them, must have been given a copy of the questions beforehand anyway, so that she won’t be humiliated.

The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) staff members, just like Davila, have also been criticized for the same reasons (and more). Even if student elections will be held next year, the school publication has been releasing articles about student politics throughout the first semester.

Throughout the coverages, the staff has been criticized heavily by student politicians and political party members for being biased, inaccurate, insensitive, among others. Members have been pointed by most student politicians as “too hard-hitting” on interviews and writing articles. A number of people also requested tWS to send guide questions and even the articles before sending these to the press last semester.

Yet no one in the staff is surprised, really, especially because the members are just doing their social responsibility. The staff is expected to shed light to issues. In the end, if there is one thing that tWS can claim, it is the fact that the staff has done its job: to release articles based on truth. This is what is important at the end of the day.

And this second semester, as tWS continues its circulation, the school publication promises to be effective watchdogs not just of the student government, but also of the administration. tWS promises to deliver information to the Silliman community as truthfully, efficiently, and fearlessly as possible.


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