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edThe rise of technology is present all around us. We buy products
online, we communicate via electronic devices, and we are dependent
on technology for our daily needs. Technology has become, much like
eating and drinking, a part of our daily life. It’s only natural that we
utilize it for matters concerning the voting system—and in this 21st
century, it’s about time.

As staffers of the Weekly Sillimanian, we are proud to congratulate
the College of Business Administration for the steps made towards
implementing Silliman University’s first ever automated student
council elections. It is where the voting process can be achieved with
just a few clicks. The use of automated elections in Silliman, which
has been set for March 8, is a move which highlights a commitment
towards good governance and the youth’s decisions regarding the
selection of their future leaders.

The process of implementing such a system was not an easy
achievement, but a daunting task. Thus, the Weekly Sillimanian’s
editorial board commends the passion and dedication of the College
of Business Administration (CBA) Student Council in successfully
developing this application, along with the support and assistance of
the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

A solid voting system is an incredible way of bringing together
people, united in their desire for change and and the chance to solve
the nation’s problems. Silliman University’s automated voting system
may not mean much to some students, but the tWS editorial board
applauds its use, as even something as small as adopting a better voting
method means victory in our eyes.

The automated voting system will be used for upcoming student
council elections, and yet we students should remain critical towards
our student government, much like how we should be towards our
local and national politicians, as well. We at the Weekly Sillimanian
encourage students to utilize the power of the vote to attract our
politicians towards their causes. We urge Sillimanians to question
their local and national politicians, to question their platforms and to
vote wisely. We believe that our student body is so much more than just
a bunch of numbers.

Students should be aware that the voting process is a crucial one, as
through it, we are able to ensure that our voices are heard in deciding
our future leaders. We present those who lead us under the belief that
they would be able to change our country and now, we need to be vocal
about what is expected of them. The notion that voting can change the
future and improve transparency and accountability has always been
supported by the Weekly Sillimanian’s editorial board, and knowing that
Silliman University has taken steps towards the improvement of voter
participation and progress is definitely an encouraging thought for our


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