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Reputation vs. Reality

the Weekly Sillimanian | September 15, 2023

In the competitive world of higher education, Silliman University (SU) has prided itself on being a top-tier institution for years. However, recent developments have prompted questions about the value of SU education.

The Commission on Higher Education’s recent approval of a miscellaneous fee increase has naturally led students to evaluate the cost of an SU education. One significant concern arising from this fee hike is whether SU currently justifies the financial burden it places on its students.

Unfortunately, when we examine the state of SU’s facilities, concerns like those are validated. Classroom infrastructure is outdated, and essential resources are often lacking. Outdated technology and inadequate study materials raise doubts about the institution’s financial demands.

This failure to upgrade facilities has wide-ranging negative consequences. Students may struggle to develop practical skills and hands-on experience, potentially disadvantaging them in the job market. Furthermore, SU’s reputation as a premier university is at risk when compared to institutions that update and adapt to modern educational needs.

So, what are the solutions?

The Weekly Sillimanian believes that improving instructional facilities must be a top priority. This step entails allocating funds for maintenance, technology upgrades, and new equipment. Additionally, a transparent system for distributing resources among colleges should be established.

SU should demonstrate that students’ payments are invested in visible, practical improvements that enhance their educational experience. To achieve long-term sustainability, collaboration with alumni and business partners could provide the necessary resources and expertise for renovations. An endowment fund could also be established for ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

Silliman University can maintain its reputation for excellence by investing in its students and infrastructure. By addressing these challenges proactively, SU can secure its future and contribute to education advancement as a whole.


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