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Safety First

by the Weekly Sillimanian | December 11, 2022

The campus beside the sea, Silliman University (SU), is known as a Christian institution housing a student population of over 10,000. It is to be expected that with a large campus and student body like SU, appropriate safety measures must be a priority. 

With the security systems set in place in Silliman, the school is deemed to be safe and well-protected. Upon entry, the university requires a validated Silliman ID from any student, faculty, or staff to enter the campus, along with self-generated QR codes that facilitate contact tracing. Security guards are also stationed at every gate and entrance.

But with the recent cases of theft popping up all across the campus, one may question if this claim still holds true. 

Among those that fell victim to the theft cases is a grade 11 student who lost ₱7,000 when she left her bag in the classroom for her physical education class. 

Another victim of these rampant theft cases is a college freshman who had ₱2,000 stolen when she left her wallet in the comfort room.

When asked what the freshman would like to say to the thief, she said, “May God bless you wherever you are right now. May you be filled with awakenings and realizations.”

Both victims expressed their wish for SU to add video surveillance cameras along the hallway to prevent similar cases.

One of Silliman’s missions is to be a Christian institution that commits itself to “total human development for the well-being of society and environment.” The presence of thievery or any misconduct amongst the Silliman community goes against the very principles that the university holds itself upon.

The aforementioned victims are just two among numerous theft cases within the supposedly “safe” university. 

We from the Weekly Sillimanian call everyone in the Silliman community to reflect upon one’s actions and remember to uphold the values a true and proud Sillimanian embodies. We are all working individuals trying to make it through the fast-paced and ever-changing world of today. This status quo calls for togetherness – not disharmony due to criminal or detrimental activity.

Moreover, tWS also calls for Silliman University and the Campus Security and Safety Office to consider adding video surveillance cameras along the campus hallways to better monitor and capture perpetrators should any more crimes occur in school.

Although the tightening of security measures such as adding video surveillance cameras can prevent cases of misconduct from occurring in the halls of Silliman, the action must come from within for true change to happen. 


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