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A Matter of Commitment

editorial dec 6

It is often not emphasized enough that the SUSG, with its various committees, greatly contributes to the improvement of campus life in SU. Without their tireless effort and dedication, it would not be possible for us to have a festive Founders Day, a fun, albeit, strenuous Intramurals Week and many other activities that lie in parallel to the university’s aim of whole-person education. But with the end of the school year almost coming to view, it is alarming to know that it is facing an internal turmoil, which could possibly affect the quality of service it can give to its constituents.
Student leadership requires great sacrifice. Though every student has a potential for public service, not all can adapt to the perpetual struggle of balancing academic responsibilities with extra-curricular duties. There have been many cases where one doesn’t intend to abandon his or her post but couldn’t help giving it up for the sake of grades or personal matters. Asking for pertinent documents such as a recommendation letters, a health certificate and a minimum grade requirement is a good step to ensuring that anyone who wants to serve is truly fit for his or her soon-to-be tasks.
As a matter of fact, though this may be new for the SUSG, many student organizations within the university have been requiring more documents and even have more stringent screening processes for a very long time. This is basically a quality control measure and one that would truly bring the desired effect if implemented at the proper moment.
However, what has taken place is the application of a good procedure at the wrong time. Why push through despite the many disadvantages?
This is where careful planning comes in. Guidelines are never easy to make, nor are they easy to implement.
The SUSG may have overlooked this fact since early this school year. It should have given enough time to current committee heads or reconsidered the amount and difficulty of requirements to be processed. It should have also oriented its goal through the outcome it wishes to gain: will it put good hands to use or will it discourage them from working instead?
The success of upcoming programs and events lies in the hands of the faithful and hardworking people in the SUSG. If it does not meet its quota of brilliant brains and able bodies to lead the rest of the population, we don’t know who will.


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