Monday, June 24, 2024

[OPINION] Vox populi

“Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country, and this world.” – Sharon Salzberg

The recently concluded SUSG elections were successful. Many casted their right to choose the leaders they think deserve to sit in different positions. Many reached out to let their voices be heard.

A massive increase in voter’s turnout came out right after the elections. From almost 40% of the 2020 elections, it increased up to more than 50%. It could mean one thing, many Sillimanians chose to exercise their right to suffrage.

The positive outcome of the voter turnout reflected that Sillimanians wanted their concerns to reach out or to be heard. This has been a way of saying that many of them are now casting their rights to vote for the leaders they think can lead the university up a better path. 

Voting is the civic duty of every citizen in every democratic country. Being in a democratic country, this has been adopted by Silliman University Student Government as their way of electing their student leaders that are deemed to serve the student body without any reservations. 

The act of voting seemed to reflect the desire of the students to cast their rights, not just for Silliman University, but also for the 2022 National Elections. With the upcoming elections, many politicians are now showing their desire to run for office. Many students, youths, and other people are now preparing to register. Many are now preparing to cast their right to suffrage. 

Casting the right of voting is important as it helps place those rightful people who can rightfully represent the interests of the general public. Voting in student elections is a way of exercising this right—a way of practicing the right to vote for the nation.

The act that the Sillimanians did in the recent SUSG elections is a way of engaging themselves for the greater good of the student body. Choosing those rightful students is a way of preparing themselves for the 2022 National Elections. It is a way of practicing the real deal within society.

Voting is the voice of the people. It should not be taken for granted as the future of the general public lies to whatever the results would come out. Choosing the rightful leaders through the act of voting should always be taken seriously, just as everyone did from the recent SUSG elections.


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