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[OPINION] Cancel “CCC: Cringe Cancel Culture”

By Lyan Wilton Aguilar | March 11, 2021

Ever since the dawn of the internet, people are getting high exposure to the world, including social issues invoking people to have their say of the matters. In my opinion, that is a positive thing because it helps us gradually fix any problem by focusing our attention on it using the internet’s power. It can also inspire like-minded people to band together and possibly influence others who don’t share their views. The sad part, this isn’t the case, the horror of cancel culture happens.

Cancel culture is the new way of ostracism people. It has proven to combat prejudice effectively and other violent actions against victims, whether physically, socially, spiritually, or mentally. It also entails excluding someone from social or professional circles to keep them responsible for their acts in previously impossible ways thanks to the internet.

According to the definition, it is the best way to hold people accountable for their dreadful acts. It seemed legit before some toxic inbred picks up on cancel culture and uses it to further their own hateful and destructive attitude. Also, gathering fellow haters to hate as a party for a more effective hate act usually follows.

Having these toxic communities, many people are getting canceled for what they’ve said years ago, which doesn’t reflect how they are acting now. In some cases, people getting canceled doesn’t only apply to those who have done something questionable. Haters are merely stretching things to build a problem to have a target for their toxicity; they simply despise the individual.

I also knew people who had done some controversial things in the past, expressed remorse, apologized to those who they did wrong, were forgiven, but still had their heads canceled by those who had already forgiven them. Thanks to the #CancelCulture craze that was sweeping the internet. Some people are canceling for the sake of canceling and clout.

I’m good with the cancel culture in its early days, but I’m not sure what to feel about how it’s been used lately, particularly by those supersensitive Karen and haters. One issue with cancel culture for those who wish to improve is that it takes away their chance to redeem themselves.


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