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[OPINION] Things you need to know about anxiety

By Deogracia William Bemida | February 16, 2021

Ever felt extremely nervous, worried, and afraid? or have you had an abnormal feeling that something bad might happen? 

Let’s talk about Anxiety Disorder, a mental health issue that has no preference on people in terms of social status, gender, or race. Mental health issues such as anxiety have become more prevalent with the occurrence of a nationwide lockdown. It is one of the most common groups of mental health issues often disregarded by others. 

Anxiety is a normal reaction of the human body from stress, but too much of it to the point where it affects your daily life in an unhealthy way is alarming. It is time for you to consider a mental consultation. To a normal person, feeling anxious may last for a short period of time. However, someone with an anxiety disorder may feel the burden for days, weeks, months, or even for a lifetime. 

Anxiety disorder can be classified into generalized anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, traumas, and other forms of phobia. Extreme cases of anxiety disorder compel persons to avoid social interactions and public places. To others, anxiety attacks are just feelings of fear, but to people experiencing the disorder, the feeling of fear becomes unstoppable. 

Having an intense feeling of nervousness or fear is caused by panic attacks and is not to be taken lightly. Imagine losing your enjoyment from something that you should be excited about; suddenly, a warning comes out of your mind, and you start to have panic attacks. The latter can be difficult to control and, at any moment, can ruin your day.

Symptoms of anxiety include feelings of nervousness and tension, a sense of upcoming doom, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, trembling, feeling weak and tired, and insomnia. Moreover, overthinking can worsen the effects of anxiety. The stress from overthinking can take a serious toll on our physical state and may trigger other ailments such as cardiovascular disease. It can also affect one’s appetite, thus, people diagnosed with it suffer gastrointestinal problems. 

People with anxiety should be treated with consideration and kindness. It is time for others to stop telling “inarte ra na.” After all, it affects random people, even a healthy-looking person around you may suffer from chronic anxiety. That is why we should always check our mental health because nobody wants to suffer from such disorders. 


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