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[OPINION] Apas ta’s Valentines?

By Senyor Tirador | February 2, 2021

What hinders most of us in confessing to a significant person are the perils that we might face after. The consequences of losing a special one when things go wrong, and it didn’t go the way we imagined it. But if you are looking for a sign to confess this Valentine’s Day, this is it. 

Based on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a confession is to tell or make known of something; to make a profession and declare faith or adherence; an admission or acknowledgement that you may be reluctant typically because you feel slightly ashamed or embarrassed. Confessions usually happen in an investigation, in a courtroom, or behind bars with an authority but in this case, it is totally different. You are not going to be admitted to a crime, you are not going to be put in jail, so why bother? You will not be admitted to a crime, and you are not going to be put in jail, so why bother? 

What Ifs

The cost of hesitation will haunt you forever, and that is scarier than the idea of possibly losing your friendship. The chance that you are asking will never come to fruition when you never took the initial step of grabbing it. Those dreams and imaginations of yours will forever remain behind bars in your mind. The genuine feeling you are about to express is more important than their response, as love will never be an investment. 

Right Time

There is always a right place at the right time as they say. It might be factual, but for some reasons, it’s just an alibi for you to be afraid of the outcome. Confession is made to disclose a burden that is already damaging to oneself over time. If it is already taking a toll on yourself, so why do you still hold on to it? Remember that the right place and the right time you are waiting will never arrive if you do not put enough effort reaching it. 

If ever stars will not align, everything will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, then it is not the end. There is no better time to be a plantito than now; learn that not all plants can grow together, some need space and time. As an avid fan of Ben&Ben, I can attest to you, “leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees, and all will be alright in time.” 


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