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[OPINION] Online school sucks; I do not like it

By Jean Salgados | ?

Jan. 19, 2020

From August to December of 2020, Silliman’s first semestral iteration of online classes runs;  and then from this week onwards to May, it’s the second.  We can go without saying that this first iteration is well beyond rough, considering most of us are inexperienced with this rapid shift to mass digital learning. Even so, all of us adhere to standards in our individual duties, be it student, teacher, or working staff— but most of all, the teacher.

There is much to go on in terms of shortcomings with the faculty, but it has become more apparent in some cases during the recently ended online semester. As a student myself, I have listened to fellow students from other classes and schools as they air out their grievances to me directly or through the virtual space. In that same vein, my opinion on the approach of some teachers when it comes to teaching doesn’t amount to anything remotely positive. 

As for my experience, I can vouch for many examinations and quizzes without lectures and discussions. The sheer confusion that I and my classmates experienced when we all took the final examination on SOUL was exactly one would behold in a market. The teachers would meet us for the whole meeting, then tell us nothing about any important PowerPoint or Word document added into one of the lesson chapters. I can point out that they ought to communicate everything regarding our academics for that week. Students would appreciate it if they communicated as if they were good friends: the kind of exchange that would get you up to speed right away. For me, communication is crucial, and we want our outputs to meet the highest standard to achieve the grade we deserve.

Besides YouTube videos and non-interactive PowerPoints, some students are happy that other teachers are being low-effort in their teaching methods, but let’s face it: it’s detrimental and even scary in the long run. What kind of student would not want to feel their 30,000-peso average investment come back to them with an hour or two of a quality learning experience? The low effort just doesn’t cut it in an academic institution. Teaching students is a sacred task not everyone can do and handle— and it shows in these situations.

Students want what is best for them. Surely, some students are apathetic to this entire dilemma, but eventually, they will realize that they have been rather ripped off because of some teachers’ “laziness”. Again, we acknowledge teachers who go above and beyond their calling to make students understand the lessons they teach. We simply call for our investments to be worth it, to feel like we are given attention because of something that transcends paygrade. And yes, we know students can get messy, even so, disrespectful at times; and we do not tolerate such actions. But, whether by passion or something different, what did you expect a teacher’s life would be?


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