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Jack of All Trades

By Adrian S. Limbaga | Tiktok Lord

Vol. XCI No. 16

Jan. 31, 2020

Growing up, a lot of us aspire to be doctors, lawyers, pilots, etc. very generic yet prominent professions. By the time we’ve reached 10 or 11, we realize that the world is full of careers that don’t exactly fall under those categories. Professions like Chefs, Filmmakers, Sound engineers, not exactly unknown but they do not fall under the dreams a kid would have at a young age. One also develops skills that don’t seem to be related to what they once aspired to be. Some are dead set to be doctors yet also have a passion for theater or painters have a knack for singing as well.

The more skills one tests out, the more one learns about oneself. What one likes, what one dislikes. It makes one feel better about oneself because one is learning more and engaging with more people. Everything is great until they meet people that are the same age or younger than they are, yet are so much further than where you currently are and no matter how hard one tries, you realize how huge the gap actually is.

By this point, you seem more troubled than grateful. Falling into this spiral of feel inadequate no matter what you do. 

You compare yourself to those individuals who focus on solely one art form, one style and yet you forget to see the uniqueness that is your own. You associate certain skills you now have to certain people that influenced you either to get started or to hone your new-found craft. Since you’ve accumulated an abundance of knowledge in various subjects, you can give a different perspective on problems that seem to have no solution or an answer that seems so obvious but apparently was not. You have a diverse set of friends and each conversation stimulates a different interest. But most importantly,  you’ve created you. 


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