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Thinking Straight

By Kevin Q. Alaban | Big Baybe

Vol. XCI No. 16

Jan. 31, 2020

It is once again midterms week. For some, it is just a normal week. However, for most, it is the hell week of the semester where all the exam hovers and exhaust their every energy in studying exams and finishing last-minute requirements.

I think, to survive in college is a great achievement a person can always be proud of. After all, it is the arena where people at a young age are tested with all the possible situations that they may face in the adult world. Many people, if not all, think it is easy to stay in a university when in fact it is quite hard.  There is really no easy way to stay — fit, sane and academically excellent.

Every movement is a form of great effort. You have to sustain a daily lifestyle of academic challenges which may push you to the limit. To wake up early and to arrive home late at night is the usual schedule, tho depending on the schedule. 

In the study entitled, “Factors Affecting Students’ Decision to Drop out of School” by Orion et al. (2014), the Philippines revealed a  dropout rate of 83.7 percent, this means that the country produces a number of 2.13 million college dropouts yearly. According to a Manila Bulletin article in 2012, the Philippine government must, in the next education generation or the next 14 years be able to reverse the current situation from 80 percent of college students enrolled in private schools and 20 percent in state universities and colleges (SUCs) to 20 percent, private colleges, and 80 percent SUCs. 

Staying in a University, especially to institutions like the Silliman University is a privilege not all in the community can avail. Studying in the halls of Silliman is not for all. People say that it is for the rich. And, for those financially incapable, it is a challenge to start and more especially to continue with time. But, with all the scholarships and financial assistance available nowadays, coming in can be easier. 


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