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Prejudice and Malice

By Deogracia William A. Bemida | Feature Writer

Vol. XCI No. 4

Man is a social being. He is entitled to form relationships with other people and cannot survive further alone. Socialization plays an important role in humanity as it covers the very nature of being human, which aims to seek the feeling of accompaniment for the benefit of the human mind.

The tendency for man to form a series of connection with other people creates a group and with that, group society emerges. Ever since the early stages of humanity, society adapts to the ever-changing environment, constantly evolving to sharpen the individual mind into forming a perspective.

An individual cannot function well without society, because its purpose is to let the people achieve the common good and cause the citizens to act according to laws and regulations. The only disadvantage that society has is the manipulation of people’s minds.

Society is morality on the basis of rules. In order to fit in, one must follow and abide by the body of rules for the sake of being rewarded instead of receiving punishment. In today’s generation, stress is one of the factors society brings, because of the constant peer pressure of surrounding oneself with people who don’t share the same perspective.

Prejudice existing in modern society, what’s new with that? Rash judgment without focusing on facts will potentially bring harm on the individual and everyone involved, as well. Putting into consideration that everyone is linked to the era of widespread information, everything becomes accessible and free, including the notion of abusing “freedom of speech,” depending on the person’s own will.

Humanity has reached its peak of learning, according to David Robinson. For a fact, a person goes through the learning stage as part of his/her aspect in life when encountering predicaments and making mistakes. In addition, humans tend to act without considering the consequences of such actions. As a result, when someone did something that is not morally acceptable, people will immediately judge the person without considering the logical reason behind the problem.

The existence of prejudice has a great impact on the interaction of an individual towards others. The manifestation of negative behavior can be a discriminatory act linked by stereotyping and racial discrimination or having negative inputs that can affect a person’s life.

The probability of judgment doesn’t justify an action. Prejudice can be compared to a parasite that lingers within the scope of society. It is described as a malady which is hard to cure since the said host cannot do anything to undo the action.

That is why it is important to validate the facts and to think before one speaks because once the action is done, it cannot be undone.


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