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Adding Fuel to the Fire

By Junelie Anthony Velonta

First Printed on Vol. XCI No. 1. July 30, 2019

Dili na safe ang Dumaguete.

City of Gentle People no more.

Please suspend classes because (insert reason).

Isn’t it tiring to hear these? Isn’t it very annoying to see these on Facebook feeds? If such statements are to be analyzed, they do not actually add anything constructive to the current situation in the city. Furthermore, they do not add any sort of solution to the problem. Why then, are such statements rampant?

A common way to lessen a person’s fears is to voice it out. By doing so, a part of the inner tension gets released—much like in therapy. This is what is happening now. With the people made afraid of the recent events, they voice out their fears and concerns through multiple channels. In this time of social media, they voice their fears out through there too.

However, it must be noted that those that read or hear these concerns are not therapists. They are not equipped to handle and lessen the fears of those that voice out. If anything, those that read or listen to it have become afraid themselves. Fear, then, spreads. This spread is further hastened by social media, where one post could spread to the attentions of many in so little time.

As such, those kinds of statements should be stopped. They add nothing positive to the situation. They do not help solve it.

What, then, should be done by those that wish to express concern? They could still voice it out, but through proper channels. Such concerns should only be voiced to one’s self, to those that one regards closely, and those that could actually do something about the situation (e.g. government officials, police officers, etc.).

If one is eager to post about it in social media, it is better to research about how to maintain one’s safety and how to be vigilant and aware. Findings then could be posted online. These could help those that would actually face such situation.

Developing relevant skills would help, too. While the most common response would be self-defense or martial skills, it must be noted that they are very contextual. Medical skills (such as first aid) and situational awareness are much more helpful than the ability to punch someone. Remember, one cannot defend against the knife one never sees coming.

Lastly, think before you click.


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