Saturday, May 25, 2024

Rainbows and wigs

By Carlee Cherokeeh T. Calingacion

No star shined brighter than Maningning on the night of August 25 as she won the first “Pahugyaw: A Drag Show.”

The event, which was hosted by Illuminates of the Spectra, was held at the Hibalag Booth area and was attended by Sillimanians and those who came by Silliman University (SU) to have fun around the booths.

It was already to be expected that curious people gathered around the event. The drag culture is all new in SU, moreover in Dumaguete City. This practice is not widely known for there are no mainstream drag shows or clubs that hold these events in the city. People have yet to know about this subculture.

For the basics, drag is defined by Urban Dictionary as “a man who dresses as a flamboyant woman in order to entertain others.” This definition does not limit the scope of drag, of course.

This event is significant in cultivating the already supportive nature of the Sillimanians.

With the existence of the Pahugyaw: Drag Show, the LGBTQIA+ community of SU has an outlet for their creativity and express their passion for art and beauty. They can showcase their talents while educating people in the process. This makes learning fun for everyone.

Now, what can Sillimanians do to show support to the growing LGBTQIA+ community and drag culture in Silliman?

First, we can educate ourselves. Despite SU’s  slow Wi-Fi connection, it can still load and search facts about LGBTQIA+ and drag culture. When we are equipped with proper knowledge, we can form judgements and make decisions that will be most beneficial to others  in the community.

Then, we can reach out to these communities by helping them prepare and run their events such as drag shows. To render service, we can take part as committee members and help in running events behind the scenes. Even our presence and attendance in these events are forms of support.

There are endless things we can do to help. Things, huge or small, can make impacts to the community. Hopefully, these impacts are for the good.

We are headed towards an open minded, diverse and fun Silliman community. Hand in hand, let us take everyone there.


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