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by Krizia Magallanes

When I look back at the good old days,I remember how different I was from the person I am today – not “different” in a bad way, but in a good way. Let me quote the statement “Silliman made me a better person”; this is indeed a true point, but for me, it’s not the school that made me who I am now, but it is the people I have worked  and interacted with.
Studying in Silliman led me to meet people who made my stay the best of the best and the worst of the worst. It is here in Silliman where I learned some of these lessons:
First, there are always better days. The end is not absolute unless you make it the end. People who often fail think that there is no better way for them than to sulk in the corner and wait for the sun to shine. God never gave us a challenge that we can’t face. Instead of dwelling on the negative side, why don’t you look at the positive side: that there must be a better plan or reason why such thing happened? Life is too beautiful to let that one circumstance bring everything down.
Second, the more you say you’re tired, the more you get tired. Your emotions and thoughts can greatly influence your actions. It’s all right to admit that you’re tired, but make sure that you won’t let that word get the best of you. Remember, if there’s a will, there’s a way.
Third, do things out of love and passion. It will help you get through. There were times in my life when I experienced discouraging events and disappointments that made me say, “I want to give up”; but then I found myself continuing what I had started. I realized that what helped me throughout those years was not the responsibility given to me but the love I had for that responsibility which made it impossible for me to let go.
Fourth, you’re a pocketful of sunshine. I always believe that each and every one of us can do things if we only exert our best effort. “Hindi ko ‘yan kaya!” is just a statement unless you make it true. Before the successful people in this world came to where they are now, they experienced troubles, rough moments, pains, and the like; even with these, they never gave up. If you know you can do it, then do it.
Fifth, do your best in everything you do. I remember saying this to my friend, “Buhata na lang tanan imu makaya,
kung dili japun siya mu-work at least kabalo ka na imu gibuhat ug dili kaayo ka magmahay kay sa anang wala nimu gibuhat tanan imu makaya unya mag sige ra ka’g mahay sa ulahi.” These are just some realizations I got during my college life. I am not saying that these generally apply to all; but in one way or another, this outlook helped me survive my college life. I made mistakes and failures, but I made them as platforms for me to develop as a person. The world outside college life is tougher and more difficult especially if it is not within your comfort zone. Make  our college years a training ground for you to be better and well equipped. Most of all, do everything you can to make your college life worthwhile.


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