Saturday, April 13, 2024

Be The Fearless You

In my recent trip to Manila for the ASEAN youth engagement summit, I came upon a speaker who talked about empowerment and making bold decisions. Of the myriad things she talked about in her speech, one thing struck me the most–fearlessness. Being fearless in your conviction to getting the things that you are passionate about and being fearless in your endeavor so long as it creates positive changes in the community.

There are two things I’d be discussing. One is fearlessness, and second is individuality.

I am a living testimony of these two. I used to be so insecure with myself. I have always had apprehensions every time a make decisions; and before, I believed that I am nobody in the community, afraid to contribute to the alleviation of its problems.

But I eventually got tired of dealing with these insecurities and the people who tell me I cannot be better. I wanted to prove them wrong. Then I decided to change, for myself. In my recent involvement in the ASEAN youth engagement
summit, I realized that fearlessness is not tantamount to boastfulness. However, fearlessness is being unstoppable in the endless things you can do. For as long as you do not step on other people, be fearless. Be bold. Be dauntless.

Second. Key note speaker, Dr. Julienne Baldo-Cubelo, Professor from the University of the Philippines-Dilliman, said that you don’t ever let other people hinder you from doing what you think is right, and that you should never let
them tell you you can’t achieve your goal. She added, “Do what makes you comfortable and be confident with yourself. Don’t you ever change to please other people and meet their expectations. Change because it calls for self-growth and not because they want it. Never do things you’re uncomfortable with.

Indeed, these are the things that I’ve learned. And hopefully I have inspired you to create the change that you want to make. Do it now and you’ll surely reap the fruits of your labor any time soon.


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