Sunday, May 26, 2024

Warmed Up Engines

“Apathy” has always been deemed in an indomitable ghost in Silliman University. This six-letter word is so simple yet it drags the entire student body down like tons of rocks.

When I was still a freshman, I would often wonder why the higher year students appear to be so free spirited and do not attend to events or gatherings organized by the student councils and the administration. Now that I am a junior, I have personally experienced that dreadful feeling of being in a rut and not wanting to indulge myself in activities that require my participation.

This does not only happen to me. It happens to everyone around me whether or not they are my friends, acquaintances, or workmates.

However, there is that one time of the year when Sillimanians become active, participative and competitive—the Intramural games.

There is something about Intramurals that just brings unity, strength, camaraderie, sportsmanship, patience, and
goodwill out of most Sillimanians.

My college, Arts and Sciences, is one of the most populated colleges in the university. Because of that, students tend to not know each other and not care about others. But whenever the Intramurals draw near, people of different courses and backgrounds suddenly come out of hiding. It is the only time where all departments in the college unite.

Strength also emerges without the care for numbers. The greatness of the college does not depend on their number but on the strength and support that every student contributes to make one as a whole.

In today’s time where people just cannot seem to meet eye to eye and are just full of negativity and pride, it is Intramurals that bring out the camaraderie in everyone. People of different backgrounds and mindsets play as equals and start off on the same footing.

Winning and losing comes together with whatever we do in life may it be in sports and even more outside sports. Intramurals teaches the students to be resilient, to accept defeat, and to be thankful of victories.

One could only wish that the intramurals happen more than once every school year given all the mixed emotions it brings to the students. Considering the amount it costs, energy it consumes that is very unlikely. Still, one can wish, right?

Let intramurals not only be about fun, sweat, cheers, laughter, and cries but about friendship, achievements, and unity as well. May the events that happened be treasured beyond our years here in Silliman.

Honing talents should be pursued even after intramurals.


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