Saturday, May 25, 2024

Giving up or moving forward ?

by Nectarina Catada

While perusing the stars as they shone brightly in the vast sky, I was thinking
deeply of the things that happened, of the “what if ’s” and of the future that’s
full of promises. I realized that I had my share of shortcomings and strength, but
whatever they may be, I will never be the person I am today without those sad and joyous experiences. My heart speaks what my mind can’t express, and giving up is not an exception to that. There’s this inner voice inside me, my conscience, telling me not to give up because it is not the answer to end the agony of this unpredictable world. Rather, I should move forward and use my weaknesses and strengths to overcome the intoxicating fear and doubt within me. God did not create us to be insensitive and this is the reason why a person who’s on the verge of giving up is still willing to fight. If we are provoked, we will always find it within
us to stand our ground no matter what. It’s inside us, an unexplainable feeling, which tells us to always move forward. Giving up and moving forward are both by choice, but they differ in some ways. When you give up, it has negative effects within yourself—your heart and twitches—and it’s hard to breathe. You want to
cry, but the tears just won’t fall and that makes everything even harder.
Imagine in a competition, say a 100-meter sprint and you’re almost at the finish line when you suddenly stop because your muscles can’t take it anymore. That’s when regret comes in and you wish you hadn’t stopped since winning is almost within your reach.
If only you sacrificed and endured the pain, maybe just maybe, you’d win and your life would have changed drastically. You’ll become molded into a person with great foundation and strength as you go through life. Moving forward, on the other hand,
regardless of the cause, is helpful in a person’s life. It could give you hope in viewing life in a more beautiful perspective, that life is meaningful if you only know how to accept things and how they will turn out to be. Live without expectations but let fate take its toll. Yes, there are some points in our lives that we experience losing, but at some extent, losing won’t be as painful if we learn to understand that
failure always happens for a reason.
Instead of making it as a burden, we should take it as an everyday challenge to always be strong especially when life slaps us right on the face. So what is going to be? Will you give up or move forward? Time stood still, I was insatiable.
The stars were fading as the clouds began to cover the little diamonds. I closed my eyes; I held my breath for a few seconds as I let my thoughts wander in the realms of the unknown. As I opened them, something beautiful started to grow from the
depths of my being.


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