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The Road to Greatness

By Gift M. Gayo

Greatness – the most common thing that
an individual would desire while still alive
on earth. Journey – the daily walk of every
breathing person in order to reach the desires
of greatness. Road – the pathway where
the daily walk to greatness would be taken.
These three words are the very highlights in
our lives as human beings. However, among
the three terms, one is a matter of choice.
Which one do you think could it be?
When people hear about greatness, they
usually expect that it is all about luxury and
wealth. Some would say it involves power
and prowess while others would think it is
about the title and fame. Little do they know
that greatness is the one precious thing, may
it be big or small, which gives a feeling of
satisfaction, contentment and happiness.
And since everyone dreams of this thing, it is
not a choice. It is reality. On the other hand,
the so-called “journey” in life, is technically
not a fantasy. As a matter of fact, not only
people who live are taking a journey but also
the ones in their second lives. Therefore,
it leaves nobody a choice because no one
could ever get rid of taking that daily walk.
How about the road? Now, that’s a matter
of choice we’re taking about. It’s either you
prefer the smooth way or the rough road.
One of the most widely used comparisons
to the decision-making in life is the road,
probably because it is indeed a fact that there
are literally two types of road which are
analogous to making up one’s mind in a yesno
question or a true-or-false examination.
Beyond that analogy existing in literature, it
could be proven that this is more than what
words can say, more than what definitions
could mean, and more than what science
could explain. This proof could be witnessed
through experience.
I, personally, have been through all the
ups-and-downs, and straights-and-curves in
my life not just in school but also in my home.
But in order to make it more relative to other
students, I prefer to share my experiences in
school life. To begin with, I didn’t start my
learning years from nursery or kindergarten.
I began with only a year in preparatory level
before proceeding to elementary. As a kid, I
was not up for anything, and as a newbie in
my first school, I did not aim for anything
regarding my studies. I was carefree then.
While growing older, I recognized the
value of having honors, awards, and prizes
from competition. Due to the achievements
I had made, I thought I became rather
overconfident than carefree by that time.
Upon graduating from my primary school,
I did not prepare for the next chapter of my
life. I expected that I would be as good in
high school as I was in grade school. I was
almost arrogant during those times. When I
reached the secondary level, I was surprised
in having good grades but not good enough
to qualify for being an awardee and so I
felt disappointed, embarrassed and quite
depressed. Some important people in my
life also got dismayed with what happened,
which added to the pressure I was feeling.
Since then, I never felt challenged anymore,
and I felt no motivation in becoming an
honor student. That is why I graduated
my secondary years with no academic
recognition. Summer vacation came and
gave me time to relax and meditate. Not
too long that season, I realized my mistake.
I should have not felt discouraged; I should
have proven my worth. Instead of taking
the easy way of accepting things that are
acceptably hurtful, I must take the hard way
of being appreciated. So when I reached
college, I swore to myself that I’ll do better
and be willing to take risks just to be great.
In other words, I must take the rough road
that takes to the heights of greatness.~


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