Sunday, May 26, 2024

Organization Blues

Yet again another year has come for Sillimanians to have fun and enjoy their time as the days count down to the Hibalag Booth Festival. However, there are still things looming around that should have our attention besides the dreaded midterms and papers.

Underneath all the school work, some students also go through an ordeal, mainly the organizations and their officers who still have to make preparations to make the festival go smoothly. But, things aren’t so smooth for the ones who make it happen. A lot of things can go wrong, and it is not just in the planning and financing but also the cooperation of the members in their respective organizations.

Keeping an organization afloat is dependent on the cooperation of its members. The lesser the support the harder it is for one group to keep itself up. This is why organizations try to convince its members to attend events or even just help out in their activities for the members are the very life and blood of each organization.

In today’s world, having people cooperate is hard.  The same thing is also going to happen in our university. College organizations are slowly entering a phase where students will no longer be required to join their organizations. This would mean a slow decline in members could lead to a drop in funding and manpower – something that most college organizations are already suffering because of the K-12 transition.

I am not against the change; in fact, I embrace it. It frees those who are not interested in doing what their college organizations tell them to do. It can lead them to choose the organizations they are interested in. This also gives the officers a more cooperative membership pool. Those students who choose to stay are likely to be more participative in these said events.

Keep in mind, however, that this will also create a hassle when it comes to the funding and manpower the organization will have because of few members. But with that being said, it could also allow for a more stable college, especially for populous colleges.

Each one of us will soon have a right to choose where we want to belong regardless of the college. But for now, it should be remembered that we are still members of our respective college organizations and it is still our duty to help keep it operating.

“Do [the] things you love and you will never have to feel like you’re working,” my Dad once said.

After all, this would be the last Hibalag Booth Festival where college organizations have everyone in the college as members. Let’s try to make the most out of it while we’re still there.


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