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Fruitfool of Labor


Seeker of the Obscured Sun

Kelvin John S. Wu

In the beginning of what we now call “life”, there might not have been anything in existence; simply put, there was nothingness. However, upon the movement of the (“intelligent”) unmoved mover (as others may argue), a series of events which might have been (and could still be) infinitesimal in nature transpired, thus, spawning everything else that is known to us, as well as otherwise. As a result, it will be safe to assume that what is now is now, and that is the only surest thing. Everything else aside from that which is now is either yet-to-be-discovered, or an inevitable mystery (as far as this day and age is concerned, anyway).

The reason as to why I tell you this, friend, is because I want you to see how I see before this write-up is over. You see, this world we spend every single day of our (seemingly worthless and perhaps insignificant) lives is not what it was eternities ago. It was divine! If such a description is confusing to you, allow me to use another: it was heaven! Surely, the likelihood of you taking me for a fool for thinking that a landscape without pavement, vehicles, houses, and internet, among others, is very much conceivable, however, consider this question: is this “God-given” expanse of greenery (of self-sustaining qualities if left alone) meant for a change towards development even if it meant that destroying it was involved in the equation?

yall means, permit your thoughts to wander wherever they wish to go when it comes to scrutinizing my argument; you are free to think that I may be too radical! Nevertheless, we must continue: what say you? Must we continue to provide (subpar) opportunities of employment to (both less fortunate and affuent) people at the expense of their health (and souls, even) in order to make life more comfortable for the consumerist faithful? Must we carry on in pillaging through earth and water at the expense of walking, flying, swimming, and stationary creatures in order to supply our needs (which for the most part, are more of wants, really)? Must we change or reshape an object (living or otherwise) at the expense of the “original” concept in order to rid ourselves of the disgust (that stems from our own wretchedness alone) and replace it with a FALSE sense of beauty?

I need not answer for you any question asked as I am more than just confident of your own intellectual prowess, friend. Furthermore, I need not urge you to take my trepidations with any sense of urgency because surely, if I do such a thing, that will not be urgency in its truest sense which is to say that it wouldn’t be genuine given that the state of alarm regarding the situation didn’t come from you. Ultimately, I respect you – whoever you are and whatever it is you might believe in – enough to leave the decision-making in your hands.

We are of a strange kind such that I am caught in fascination. As you might have observed, there is no single book or school of thought capable of defining us without being partially true, or false at some degree. This, I believe, is because we are as dynamic and ungraspable as the wind, adaptive and clever as water, but stubborn yet impressible as the earth. In short, we are like the “God” we so revere – indescribable. Despite being thus, however, we are somewhat petrified of uncertainty to a point wherein we prefer inaction which is to say that we prefer to cling upon the “comfortable” no matter how murderous it is.


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