Sunday, May 26, 2024

Danger of the Unexamined

Kelvin Wu

Friend, before you – whoever  you are and whatever it  is that you might believe  in – proceed in reading,  I would like to express to you my  deepest gratitude in finding me in my  words [what does this mean? gratitude  for what?]. I thank you for making the  painstaking choice of noticing and  partaking of my heart and mind in  this large piece of paper which could  otherwise have been insignificant to  you. And with that, I wish you well  and may you find enlightenment in  consuming the aching unheard voice  of my soul. Do not be offended with  any of my expressions, I bid you, but  rather hold them in the palm of your  thoughts that it may live  on as it is, or evolve to be another for  better use – whichever you choose and  see fit to your liking.

Because of the rabid nature of  my curiosity, I have come to a  point in which I question the very  fascinating nature of wonder and  hideousness of our being (of which  the latter, I believe, is absent among  other kinds of creatures of this earth  as far as ecological practicality is  concerned). Truth be told, I have  many unquenched obsessions of the  troublesome effect we have on each  other and upon this borrowed land  that which owns us, however, on this  occasion, I would like to bring your  attention to a “day”.

A day, I have come to realize (in  the simplest), is the mere rising and  falling in the horizon – a reappearance  and disappearance, if you will – of  celestial bodies upon their cycles,  whatever they may be, as a result of  our planet’s course of habit in the  universe. Regardless of the knowledge  that life is (inevitably) finite, the above  mentioned have no care it seems for  they still continue on their plotted  route (oblivious of everything else,  rumor has it). Hence, a day is nothing  more than just another day (and I  apologize if I tend to complicate but  it is rather necessary).

Another day: in another day,  another week spawns; in another day,  another month spawns; in another  day, another year spawns. Hence,  with that, allow me to appeal to your  (perhaps “Godsend”) intellectual  quality that we may be able to  examine such a mundane fact of life. I  ask, why is a “new” year reason enough  to legitimize noise and merry-making  (of which only we, humans, benefit of  if we ever benefit out of it at all) when  in fact, like I said prior, such spawns  from a “new” day? What makes a  “new” year so unlike any other day  that it requires so much effort for  festive moods and celebration? If it  is a matter of gratitude for surviving  yet another anxiety-provoking  apocalypse speculation (or whatever  else of a motive), why then is such  air of gratefulness absent in the next  few minutes (or days) that we walk  (mindlessly perhaps) through this  strange phase called life?

There is but still a multitude of  inquiries I’ve yet to ask of our topic,  however, let us satisfy ourselves  with only those that I’ve written  presently (to keep it simple and to  avoid giving you the impression that  I’m a lunatic of a thinker). If I may  be so straightforward myself, even I  do not know precisely the answers to  such concerns, and the reason why I  introduced them to you, my dear friend,  is because I want you to recognize  a certain brand of skepticism – that  endeavors to eradicate a stationary  mind that clings suicidally to an erred  traditional belief system. I am not  speaking of a complete divorce of  our ancestral inheritances per se but  rather of an inspection of it. Consider,  for example, a seed where so much  potential is encapsulated around its  shell. Parallel to our living conditions,  a seed is of a progressive nature, that  is to say that it is capable of being a  tree eventually. If we CHOOSE to  stagnate our understanding of the  seed to only a seed, we lose sight of its  end which is a tree.

In the act of investigating a plain  yet unsuspecting facet of life, which  in this instance is the “day”, we  open a portal that enables us to be  aware: of us, of the things around  us, of the phenomena that affect us.  In consequence of that, we will be  more capable of shifting towards a  transcendental way of being because  naturally, awareness brings the  capability for change. That is why  I wish to influence you with my  advocacy for questioning – so that  you, as well as I, will no longer have  to live unexamined lives that are not  worth having. So, what say  you?


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