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An End of a World


Greyer Pastures

Joshua Ryan S. Salaveria

Two thousand thirteen is here and as what most social network posts and text messages would say, “It’s another 365-day chapter of one’s life.” But before we go on and start living the new year, let’s stop for a moment to look back at the year that was—the supposed year when the world should have ended.

If one had just done a little research about the Mayan calendar, one would find out that it actually does not predict the end of the world on December 21, 2012 but rather it represents a new cycle on their calendar, a b’ak’tun. This is similar to the (more commonly used) Gregorian calendar’s shift from one millennium to another— only a bit longer.

People would consider this fact as irrelevant due to the date’s passing already. But if one has observed the events of 2012, they certainly suggested an ominous forthcoming. It would seem that the world was failing altogether. Civil wars and international disputes increased which also took a toll on the economy. Freak storms ravaged places where they normally didn’t enter leaving many confused and unprepared. Mass murders were apparent even on highly urbanized areas of supposed advance nations.

But out of all these somber matters, the human spirit continues to be ever resilient. With every tear shed comes a loud shout for change. At every aftermath of a disaster, people held hands. Take for example, the deeply unnerving Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut, USA. The tragedy was commemorated not only through etched stones and solemn speeches but also, and more significantly, with kind acts. Random individuals started performing twenty-six random acts of kindness to strangers in honor of the twenty-six victims of the bloodshed, asking only for the same actions to other strangers in return. In the local scene, the Pablo victims in Mindanao continue to receive aid from all corners of the nation. Episodes of unity between some rebels and the army working together to look for survivors lost within the wreckage and ruins were reported by media men who sacrificed being with their family in order to give timely updates about our brothers and sisters.

Just like a soldier who goes into battle and arrives with battle scars, the world can never fully mend the hurt that it experienced. There is a reason why there would always remain a scar: so that we would be reminded that through everything, we are still here and there is still hope.

It has become apparent that there are not a few hearts that gave up in the near end of 2012. Many would quip that New Year resolutions are now illogical—that change will never happen. One may not finish the whole 12-month gym program nor can he push through the meticulous onehour daily study. Liquor continues to be drunk and DoTA continues to be played. You may still never have the guts to say those three words to your beloved mate. Why must we give out promises we can’t keep for the whole year? To all those weary hearts, I leave a famed quote from the great Bruce Lee:“A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

Two thousand and twelve can be considered an end of a world—the world of darkness and apathy. This year could be a new era of prosperity and unity among the inhabitants of earth. This is not because old prophets and shamans would predict it will happen but because the modern community dares it so. It is up to us.


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