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Learning beyond the classroom walls

By Aldrich Dorado | May 7, 2024

Taking exposure tours to various companies and organizations allow students to go outside classrooms and expose them to the real world, and my experience during the College of Mass Communication’s (CMC) recent exposure trips in Manila has been nothing short of transformative. These experiences have broken down the traditional educational boundaries and made me aware of the countless learning and development opportunities outside the classroom.

Each company visit served as a portal into a different domain, providing insights lectures or readings alone could not. From innovative startups to established corporations, I saw firsthand how theories discussed in class translate into practice and how ideas come to life in the fast-paced world of industry.

One of the most impressive aspects of our exposure trips was meeting people. From visionary CEOs to dedicated media professionals, everyone I met had a story to tell and advice to provide. Their experiences, triumphs, and even disappointments taught me important lessons about what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Moreover, these exposure trips pushed me to explore areas outside of my comfort zone. By visiting organizations in many media industries, I learned about career opportunities and pathways I had not previously explored. Whether it was seeing the world of news and public affairs and broadcasting or the imaginative spirit of a PR and advertising agency, every encounter expanded my perspective, strengthening my desire to follow my passions purposefully.

The ability to witness the real-world repercussions of my education, however, may have had the most significant impact on me. Concepts that had previously appeared abstract and theoretical took on practical meaning when I saw them applied in industrial settings. From news processing and development to public relations strategy brainstorming, I witnessed how classroom abilities and knowledge transfer into real-world solutions and breakthroughs.

These exposure trips not only provided professional insights, but they also encouraged personal development and self-discovery. Experiencing new situations and challenging myself to grow outside of my comfort zone forced me to adapt in ways I hadn’t anticipated. My perspectives were extended, my assumptions were challenged, and I had to develop the resilience to thrive in a constantly changing world.

In a nutshell, CMC’s exposure trips to various companies have become an integral part of my academic path, providing access to a world of learning and exploration that extends beyond the classroom walls. Every experience I had, from the people I encountered to the knowledge I acquired, profoundly impacted my path and shaped the inquisitive, flexible, and driven person I am today. I take with me the priceless lessons I gained from these experiences as I continue to forge my path in life, knowing that the world is my classroom and that the journey of learning is a lifelong adventure.


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