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We’re Better with Wings

By Alyannah Marie P. Parado | December 7, 2023

I’m envious of butterflies.

For instance a monarch; they’re vibrant with intricate patterns on its delicate wings, and they capture our attention effortlessly. We glance at it, label it as beautiful, and automatically love it. “It’s a butterfly, it’s lovely,” we say. Indeed, it is. Yet, what often escapes our notice is that each butterfly possesses its own distinctions. Every wing, antenna, and coloration is unique in its own way. They carry subtle imperfections we may not see.

In this dance of nature, I find a metaphor for humanity—a diverse array of individuals each with different uniqueness: accents, races, aesthetics, and gestures. Even our archipelago is a sanctuary of languages, traditions, and ethnicities. Different hues of skin, various voices singing different songs, diverse backgrounds creating mosaic of stories, and cultures expressing themselves through different forms. However, despite the celebration of diversity as a unique characteristic, we continue to discriminate against one another.

What if we were all butterflies? What if in the eyes of everybody we were perceived as beautiful—flaws and all? Imagine embracing our differences as rare qualities that define us, just like the delicate fragility that defines the allure of a painted lady butterfly.

Like the grace of a monarch’s flight or a delicate skipper’s dance, they navigate the air with effortless elegance. Majestic as a birdwing or the simple yet captivating beauty of a swallowtail, each flutter unveils nature’s artistry. Butterflies, each distinct in their own way, serve as a poignant reminder of the beauty found in dissimilarity. 

Butterflies are a living testament to the grandeur of diversity. In their uniqueness, they reflect the vibrant spectrum of life. Just as butterflies coexist harmoniously, we, as humans, should learn to appreciate the beauty that arises from our differences.

Let us learn from the wisdom of wings. Every butterfly, regardless of its species, size, or color, contributes to the overall beauty of the meadow. Likewise, every individual with their unique qualities, contributes to the richness of the human experience.

You see, butterflies are so different from one another. Just like humans. We’re all beautiful. Just like butterflies. We need to accept everyone–accept each other.

Alyannah Marie P. Parado, a second-year Business Analytics student and a proud member of Business Analytics Student Society. Besides writing programming codes she also writes whimsical rambles, of shattered letters, quiet musings, heart robs, and what-nots if given time.


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