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Uncharted Bliss

By Roem Krishane Bolongaita | December 7, 2023

From the moment I took my first steps into the world, there was a collective belief around me—a whisper in the wind that I was destined for greatness, a prophecy etched in my very existence.

Why? Because apparently, I was dripping with potential. But here’s the catch: I didn’t sign up for the race to be the best, and I’m totally cool with that.

As the sun rose on my childhood, so did the expectations. Family, friends, teachers—they all saw something in me, this mystical potential that seemed to cast a long shadow over my life. It felt like I was handed a backpack filled with dreams not entirely my own, dreams that demanded I be the best, excel at everything, and leave an indelible mark on the world.

In a world obsessed with gold medals and shiny trophies, I made a choice that raised a few eyebrows. I chose not to be the best. Not because I lack ambition or drive, but because I refuse to let external standards define my worth.

My journey is about authenticity, not accolades.

Imagine life as a grand ball, everyone waltzing to the rhythm of societal expectations. Well, I threw on my own playlist, cranked up the volume, and started dancing to the beat of my own drum. Sure, it’s not always a polished routine, but it’s authentically mine.

There’s this conveyor belt society sets up—school, college, job, success. It’s like a default setting for life. I hit pause and chose a different route.

Why? Because the best version of myself isn’t defined by a predetermined track; it’s shaped by the unique twists and turns of my own journey.

I’m not chasing perfection; I’m embracing imperfection. The power lies not in being flawless but in being fearlessly and unapologetically myself. It’s about turning my vulnerabilities into strengths and acknowledging that life’s beauty is in its messy, unscripted moments.

As I sail through the sea of expectations, I’m at the helm of my ship. The compass isn’t pointing towards societal benchmarks; it’s pointing towards my happiness. Some might call it rebellion; I call it reclaiming my narrative.

So, here’s my story—a narrative not bound by others’ expectations but propelled by my own aspirations. I’m not here to be the best; I’m here to be me, authentically and unapologetically. And in that choice, I find a happiness that no gold medal can ever offer.


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