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The types of friends you find in college

By Allianah Junnice Bolotaulo | December 1, 2023

Life at Silliman University (SU) is incomplete without friends. You may have met them on your first day of college, in a class, or somewhere in the 5Cs of the university. Regardless of how you became buddies or how long you have known each other, one fact rings true: These friends are your support system. Whether failing a test, making a regrettable decision, or celebrating small wins, you want nothing more than to hear your friends’ remarks.

I’m sure many would agree that there’s a mystery as to how people with very different personalities eventually find oneness in a friend group. The people we become close with during college truly impact our lives. 

Since SU is seen as a melting pot of individuals, the friends we meet along the way possess various characteristics that help shape our overall experience as Sillimanians. Though numerous in types and styles, these are some of the common yet special ones: 

The academic achiever 

This friend is always first in everything. They are the first to arrive in the classroom, the first to submit an output, and the first to point out any mistakes made by the teacher. This friend is also the entire circle’s go-to person for help in assignments, especially ones involving a lot of solving. 

The Ninings connoisseur

Hungry after PE or a big test? Have no fear. This friend will surely come to your rescue. They know which Nining can satisfy your cravings and fit your budget. This friend also probably lives in school and eats there daily, hence the expertise. 

The tabi-an

Whether you’re walking or sitting right in front of a teacher, this friend never stops talking. They make you wonder how it is humanly possible for someone to have that many conversation topics in mind. They are ready to share anything—anytime and anywhere. 

The big spender

Trying to save money? This friend makes you forget about it. Spending time with this friend also means spending your entire month’s allowance at a coffee shop or on a joint Shopee order. 

The tambay sa library

You never have trouble looking for this friend. They spend their entire free time studying, sleeping, or scrolling through social media at the library—or the gym while the library is still under renovation. Because of this friend, you never have to worry about securing a table. 

The gossip girl 

Need I say more? You are only updated on the latest chismis around campus because of this friend. 

The TikToker 

This friend’s Instagram stories are filled with their TikTok videos. Whenever the teacher is not around, expect them to be near the window (for good lighting, of course) dancing to the latest TikTok. 

The OG Sillimanian 

This friend has been at Silliman University longer than you have. They know the school like the back of their hand. In all likelihood, their conyo shocked you at first, but now you speak it too. “Asa man mo mag eat today?”

While there are plenty of types to mention,  I have to stop here for the sake of the column’s length. Do your friends fall on any of these types? If you have a positive response, take it as a sign to bond with them to celebrate your friendship. 


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