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Through the lens of midnight

By Roem Krishane Bolongaita | November 23, 2023

In the stillness of midnight, my mind ventures into the intricacies of life, grappling with questions that find solace in the hushed hours of darkness. At the stroke of midnight, the world transforms into a canvas where my thoughts merge with the quiet night—painting a deep contemplation on the very essence of life.

At 16, life appears as a complex mosaic of uncertainty and potential. It’s a delicate dance between the dreams that fuel my imagination and the pressing realities of adolescence. In the solitude of midnight, my thoughts weave a narrative of what life truly is, navigating through the paradoxes that define our existence. How is life made?

My vision of how life should be is a blend of youthful idealism and the budding wisdom that comes with age. It’s a call for authenticity, urging me to live true to myself amid societal expectations and external pressures. The midnight hour becomes a sanctuary for these contemplations—a sacred space where the whispers of my soul drown out the world’s noise.

Fast forward a decade, and the crystal ball of my imagination projects an image of my 26-year-old self. What will life look like after ten years? I envision a journey marked by growth, resilience, and the discovery of untapped potential. Yet, the future remains shrouded in mystery, waiting to be unveiled with the passage of time.

The persistent question arises: Why does this introspection unfold at midnight? 

Perhaps it’s the silence that amplifies the echoes of my thoughts—or the surreal detachment from the day’s demands that allows my mind to wander freely. Midnight serves as a portal to introspection, a juncture where the complexities of life unravel under the moonlit sky.

As the clock ticks away, I remain anchored in the now, embracing the mystery of the future while contemplating the intricacies of existence. These midnight musings become a ritual, a compass guiding my journey through the labyrinth of life. 

As the years pass, my 26-year-old self will look back at these nocturnal reflections, recognizing the significance of those midnight thoughts that shaped my perspective and set the course for a life well lived.


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