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For whom are we finishing our education?

By Johann Josh Eullaran | November 9, 2023

To be in school is a blessing. Entering any school is a privilege not everyone has. Especially in the Philippine context, proper education is not as accessible as one might think it is.

The literacy rate in the Philippines over the past few decades remained one of the lowest worldwide. As a result, poverty continues to run rampant around the country.

To be in school under our selected course is a blessing, be it in health care, engineering, architecture, education, science, or humanities. However, we often come to the point where we have feelings of doubt, questioning whether we can survive all four or five years of college. The daily grueling battle we face in school has placed us in a state of surrender. 

But when things ultimately come to a head, we ask ourselves again: For whom are we finishing our education?

Obviously, the answer is for our future. That’s true! It’s for our future, for our parents and friends who supported us. But there’s more than that. Regardless of which course we choose, let us not forget that we are achieving a dream that will help thousands of people. Our ambitions will change the lives of the desperate, the ungifted, and the unable. 

If you ever reach the state of surrender, always remember that working hard in school is for a brighter future. If you have no determination or inspiration, try talking to a friend or family or look for an inspiring book or advocate. 

Feeling empty? Have a private conversation with the Almighty and pray fervently. 

Tired of homework? Take a rest or ask a friend for help. 

Just remember, at the end of the day, all your efforts in school will soon pay off.

Johann Josh P. Eullaran is a first-year student from the College of Engineering. He is currently taking up a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.


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