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An honest thesis

by every research student ever | October 27, 2023

“Parang lahat ng inyong budget puro research? Baliw na baliw kayo sa research. Aanhin nyo ba yung research?” once said Seen-siya Bilar circa 2019.

Inspired by this quote, this thesis explores a hard topic na gi-suggest namo pero gi-pili nimo, ma’am. Through a comprehensive review of the literature, authors that we do not know examine the existing knowledge and identify gaps in the current understanding of the subject matter.

The research methodology employed in this study involves suffering and stress, which allows for a thorough investigation of the topic. The findings reveal that nag-hago mi para maka-pasar and provide valuable insights into your subject, ma’am. Our research design also shows nga pwede raman Barbie, Barney, or Jolina Slaydangal ag background.

This thesis contributes to the academic discourse by showing the world that students of Samukan University put effort into their research. Furthermore, it offers practical recommendations for other students in the future who will also suffer take up research subjects in the future.

In conclusion, this thesis advances our knowledge in the field of faking it ‘til you make it and suggests potential directions for future research. It underscores the importance of confidence in desperate times and its potential impact on sleep-deprived students on the verge of a breakdown.

Ma’am pwede na ni? Pwede wala na’y revisions? Kapoy na ma’am dili na namo kaya. 

Ay ayaw pud mi ihagbong, ma’am. Kasab-an kong mama, ma’am. Please ma’am huhuhu, basin madala ra nig floor wax.

Irevise na namo ma’am lagi nag-joke ra mi. Lampoon bitaw ma’am.

PS: Ayaw ra ni iAI checker, ma’am please. Salig ra namo, ma’am, ma-hurt mi if imo ni ipa-check.


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