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The Love You Give Will Come Back to You

by Phobie Anqui | October 18, 2023

One of the most heart-wrenching breakups is when you both have been happily together, only to find out someone else swayed them overnight. 

Questions in your head play on a loop. The guilt of not doing enough in the relationship hits you. The self-doubt that maybe you were never worthy of love in the first place kicks in. Then, the sudden shock leaves you frozen in your seat. 

“What changes a person? Why did they stop loving me all of a sudden? Why am I the one left behind? Was I not enough?”

Some questions never have a concrete answer. Sometimes, what-ifs and open-ended questions are all that’s left. Some answers may never come no matter how you wait or how hard you strive.

You feel a void in your heart. You physically feel hollow, like somebody surgically removed your heart—but you’re alive. You feel like you’re a zombie that is immune to the daylight. 

You poured every ounce of love into someone who didn’t give you an ounce back. Now, you’re the one left empty-handed.

But one thing I believe in is a thing called karma. As said by Dharma Master Cheng Yen, “Karma means that we reap what we sow, but it’s often difficult for us to understand how this plays out because different karma ripens at different times.”  

There’s some stigma around karma; that it’s “bad” or somewhat like a curse. But upon closer inspection of Cheng Yen’s statement, it’s more like a debt and reward system. You give to the world, and it comes back to you—may it be good or bad.

So let us apply the analysis: If you have given much love to the world, it will surely return to you. There is no proposed date, but karma knows when to pay you back. 

The face of karma is unique, however. We’ll never know what kind of love comes to us. Will it still be a relationship? A robust support system of friends who will love you? The self-love you’ve been depriving yourself of all this time? A cute little puppy? Or the contentment you feel when you’re putting yourself out there again? Whatever it may be, karma will find its way to you one way or another.

So cry your whole heart out today because, someday, you’ll look back and laugh at yourself for crying over that petty love story. You’ll realize that it didn’t work out because there was something more waiting for you.

The love you give will always come back to you, after all.



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