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Post this on your story or you’ll get bad luck: Manifesting turned fear

By Phobie Anqui | September 19, 2023

Let’s face it, we all have our challenges. Whether it may be the worry of university or college fees, school materials, or other things causing sleepless nights—we all have problems. 

Nobody is an exception. We all want solutions. Today, our attention is only 15 seconds long. We want fast answers. So what do most people do? 


If you’re a Gen Z, you are no stranger to Instagram or Facebook posts that say “____ cutie.” When Maine Mendoza’s tweet from 2013 saying “Arjo cutie” went viral, resulting in her becoming Arjo Atayde’s girlfriend—now wife—people went overboard with saying their wishes accompanied with a “cutie” afterward, saying, “laptop cutie,” “motor cutie,” or “jowa cutie” in the hopes of being as fortunate as Maine Mendoza.

Others, on the other hand, take advantage of people’s wants. “Post this on your story or else you’ll fail,” or “Post this on your story or you’ll get bad luck tomorrow.” As someone who also fell for these mind tricks, it placed me in a spot where I became so afraid that if I did not abide by this post, I would be doomed for life. 

Admittedly, however, there is nothing wrong with manifesting. It only becomes wrong when people use it to take advantage of others.

If you also fell for these posts, I want you to step back and ask yourself: “Is it true if I don’t do it, it will give me bad luck? Will I fail all my exams?” 

The answer is no. That little post that asked you to do that has no control over you. Meanwhile, the person posting it might not be a manifesting expert or a fortune teller. It could be just another teenager looking for attention on social media.

These posts only take you on a downward spiral when you allow them to get into your head. You can either read them and fall for them or read them and ignore them. The choice is ultimately yours.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”


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