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Second Time’s The Charm

By Jan Andrei Y. Elizalde | August 23, 2023

Students often fear the thought of shifting courses. 

The concept of it has always had a negative connotation latched onto it. Shiftees are commonly mistaken to be indecisive learners—ones who simply can’t figure out what they want to do and who they want to be. But that isn’t always the case.

Students find themselves drawn to the idea of shifting for a plethora of reasons. One of which is career realignment. But how does this arise in the first place? 

Many students’ career paths have been long forged since their first dream. Picture a 9-year-old watching “Legally Blonde” for the first time, discovering the world of law and justice through pink heels, glitter pens, and fresh manicures. Some would merely find the movie entertaining, but some draw inspiration from it in pursuing a career in law; passion drawn from childhood inspirations. But one’s passion can simply alter—a facet of growth. 

A huge part of growing up is change—a concept that no person is foreign to. Change takes place in variations: your favorite singer, friends, where you live, and ultimately, your dreams. And each one brings forth a change of direction in one’s life—but in this case specifically, one’s career. And with change comes the weight of time. 

Time challenges how fast you finish your degree. And amidst this academic race enters the somewhat burdening questions, “What if I’m better at nursing? I love reading, was I born to study literature instead? Why do I feel like politics is more interesting than engineering? Am I going to make enough money with this degree?” 

These questions, although unwelcome most of the time, are entertained by the solemn whispers in our head; the same voices that repeatedly mutter, “Kani na jud?” Especially in college, where there is strictly no gray area—a grace period to let you reassess your course of choice before and after every semester. 

But despite these thoughts and the changes made in your life, the choice is ultimately yours. Just make sure that choice is wholeheartedly made and of utmost value. And if you do consider shifting—second time’s the charm, right?


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