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Of Tassels and Togas: Graduation Blues

by Franciss Nikole Elli | May 27. 2023

Be it the majestic foliage of centuries old trees, the hourly toll from the auditorium, or your first heartbreak away from home, Silliman awaits your visit within its portals. 

Graduation is just around the corner and the fond feeling of leaving is one that frequents a hopeful student. 

The short trip to the green benches of the Amphitheater has made you realize that life was meant to be traversed in so much temporariness. The feeling of excitement when you first entered the university, caffeine-induced study sessions, and spirits that warmed your insides during post-finals season — these were all chapters to be closed. One that demands to be revisited every year after you transfer your tassels.

But you are here, still. Surprisingly, the church stood taller than usual today. Perhaps a blatant reminder that the world outside expects you to be a mere individual, trying to meet society’s expectations. Something you may outgrow or more importantly, something you may soon have an anecdote about.  

Surely, you will miss the off-white walls and red accents of buildings. And how you will quiet down whatever haunting experiences you may have in these halls — of ghosts and mostly terror professors. 

And while it’s simple to forget what was once the version of yourself when you first came, you will go out of it brimming with joy that was college and the cathartic feeling of change. 

Promise me, that while the campus stands still in time, waiting for your visit, remember it in moments when you most feel safe and loved. That at some point in time, it was your refuge away from home. 


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