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Why You Should Date a tWS Staffer

by Bagong Karsones | April 30, 2023

The Weekly Sillimanian is a bonafide school publication that has been consistently informing the student body for over 100 years. Its staffers have not only been safekeeping campus press freedom but have also kept hearts safe from heartbreak and agony since.

Basically, despite the signature red color, staffers are certified green flags. Source? Just trust me. Read on to find out why you should date a tWS staffer!

  1. Good listeners 

Writing stories requires great listening skills. Writers interview various individuals to get the full story. All of this experience has made our staffers good listeners, skilled at picking up details and finding the real meaning behind someone’s words.

“Listening? Isn’t that the bare minimum?”

I thought so too, but you would be surprised by the amount of Sillimanians who are actually incapable of not making everything about themselves.

Anyways, our experience translates into our relationships. If you have any problems or just want to air out random thoughts, you can always rely on a tWS staffer to set everything aside and give you their undivided attention.

  1. Knowledgeable 

International happenings, pop culture, the arts, sports, national drama, and less-known local chika. You name it, a tWS staffer will most likely know something about that area.  With how many stories and information swimming in our minds, we would never bore you in a conversation.

  1. Truthful

It is the first principle of journalism, to tell the truth, and only the truth. We would know the most of its importance. Without the truth, anything, from a relationship to the world’s strongest nation, would fall apart. 

  1. Great connections

As journalists, we interact with many different people from all stages of life and professions. Naturally, as we meet these people, we create connections. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to perks most people don’t?

  1. Committed 

When there is something we are passionate about, we work hard for it and stay committed to it. Evidence? Well, we’re almost nearing the end of the year, and we’re still staffers of the publication.

The same can be said for our relationships. Even if it gets hard, we wouldn’t run away and face that uncertainty with you, even if it is out of the realm of practicality. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to a common truth: we are all afraid. Afraid of vulnerability, afraid of intimacy, afraid of something real. Isn’t that why we all settle into these half-baked situationships? It all really depends on you, your goals, your principles, and your experience. 

But if you ever want to give a shot at something genuine, then why not consider our staffers, former and current? Whether you just got out of a 10-year relationship, or have never been in one, we from tWS will cherish your heart and ensure that you won’t regret your decision. 


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