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The Best Silliman Restrooms

by Sheikha A. Encabo | November 2, 2022

Restrooms, better known as “CRs”, are an integral part of any building. They are there to aid us in relieving ourselves or when we need to wallow in privacy. Fortunately for us, Silliman University (SU) offers an ample amount of these essential rooms throughout the campus.

There is much variety among the CRs of Silliman as each restroom is unique. But of course, there will always be options that will reign over the rest. For this article, I will be naming my top three picks for the best Silliman CRs (ladies’ edition).

3.) SU Library –1st and 2nd Floor

[Cleanliness]: 7.5/10

[Inclusions]: toilets with bidets, quietness, small-medium mirrors

Featuring ghost encounters and funny vandalism, the library CRs are a popular go-to for restroom needs. Both floors have been included in this review as they are almost carbon copies of each other. Each CR has three cubicles with every toilet equipped with a bidet. If you could get past the badly-fitted toilet seats of some cubicles, they are actually quite comfortable to use. But perhaps that comfort largely stems from the peace and quiet provided by the library. After all, there is still a rule to keep hush even when using the restrooms. Just don’t let the silence get to you or else you might start sensing “unearthly” things. 

My final rating for this CR would be: 8.6/10

2.) Ausejo Hall (AH) – 3rd Floor

[Cleanliness]: 9/10

[Inclusions]: toilets with bidets, PWD toilets, large mirror

The restrooms on every AH floor are identical to each other. However, there is a noticeable difference in quality between the CRs on lower floors and the CRs on upper floors. The higher you go, the cleaner and more peaceful each restroom becomes. 

So where could the “goldilocks zone” between these four restrooms be? Well, that would be the one on the third floor. It has the same inclusions as the CRs on the other floors, but what makes this one special is its location. The room is not frequented by many students, resulting in a much cleaner and empty area. It is also not too far up that traveling there would be absolute hell, but it is still tiring. That distance may just be the only con of this CR. But considering the cleanliness, privacy, and well-functioning bidets, the third-floor CR of AH is certainly worth the walk.

My final rating for this CR would be: 9/10

1.) Silliman Gym

[Cleanliness]: 8.5/10

[Inclusions]: toilets with bidets, shower stalls, changing area, cubby cabinet, hand dryer, medium mirror

And lastly, we have what appears to be the most “complete” CR on the campus. The ladies’ room of Silliman Gym is a well-kept, spacious room complete with bidets in each of its toilet areas. But what makes this place even better is its unique inclusions that are not found in other CRs. These fixtures are very helpful to have especially after a tiring PE class. And if that isn’t enough, there are two of these CRs seated right next to each other. So you do not have to worry about overcrowding (at least during an average school day). 

My final rating for this CR would be: I-would-live-here/10

Now, this is merely a short list of the available restrooms at Silliman University. There are plenty of others out there with their own unique set of pros and cons. So aside from the ones listed above, which CRs do you think are the best on campus?


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