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The Equilibrium Concept

by Keisiah Dawn Tiaoson | October 30, 2022

         Can strength be a threat to those we thought are our allies? Can competence be seen as something to despise? Is your struggle of coping with your chosen career path an excuse to loathe those who do just fine?

    In the gale of this season, a lot of people are seen vividly wrestling with themselves regarding “what is” and “what could have been.” In the pursuit of happiness and life-long purpose, stumbling upon a rock of questions and hardship is inevitable. There’ll be times when your bed will envelop you with melancholic thoughts on rainy Monday mornings. In the stride, there’ll be a compass that is not made of laughter but tears. In the search for significance, discomfort will always present itself.

         The question remains, can two different angles have the same polarity? The world does not owe anyone anything. It doesn’t have an obligation to wait for those who mourn over uncontrollable things. There’ll be deprivation and uneven distribution ratio between variables, yet doing nothing won’t correct the data. Those who came before you aren’t lucky, they mastered the art of enthusiastically pushing themselves to their own bright star. No matter what the weather might be, all feet must remain on the ground as days pass by and each mind must focus on arranging its own thoughts.

         Though humanity possesses kindness, no one is your extension. No one likes to redo a level, restart, or reread a chapter for a friend who charged him guilty of being two thousand steps ahead. Help may come, and will surely come, but not at the high price of compromise. Those who finished the race earlier can cheer, can encourage, and can coach, but there are boundaries in between – and that includes leaving the wheels on your hands. The windows must not be tainted by pride however must be cleansed with correction and acceptance.

         Shivering about what tomorrow has in store is universal, yet it does not guarantee success and positive results. Anxiety weighs down the heart and thus delays progress. Loathing those who equipped themselves with an arranged sonata won’t help fix the cacophony inside your heart. It is just by acknowledging deficits that you may grow and bloom into the individual you aspire. Since when did the equilibrium favor the stronger side?

         In the gale of this season, it is vividly seen that a lot of people persevere to respond appropriately to the peril and the dismal. In the search for contentment and meaningful life, optimism is a friend that helps in lifting a thriving heart. There’ll be times that you defy gravity the very moment you hop from your bed wearing a sunny Sunday sock. In the journey, there are compasses made of determined hearts and chuckling souls even amid the storm. In the search for significance, a blooming spirit will always manifest.

         The question remains, can two contrasting angles have the same polarity? If emulsifiers mix oil and water, then acknowledging weakness and acceptance of temporary destitute help the behind run alongside the lead. The open-air guides those who yearn to do better. Leave the worries and start working responsibly, making yourself accountable for each failure and each victory.
         After all, since when did the equilibrium leave the reaction unbalanced?


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