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QR and its silly little problems

by Mary Reyshel P. Repe | October 20, 2022

Do you have trouble listing down the names of your classmates every single time you attend events for attendance? No problem! CBA has it your phone?

Last August, the College of Business Administration Student Council implemented its QR attendance system. Students were emailed a one-of-a-kind QR code that could be downloaded and used during attendance of required student events.

The system is great! Now the student council won’t have any problems listing down names and signatures just for attendance purposes. Its ease of access is what makes the system so great. Added to the fact that it is virtually indestructible–it’s one of the best uses of QR technology out there.

However, as great as it is, a few problems arise with it.

Officers scan these QR codes at every event to account for attendance. Here comes the problem, smartphone cameras are not so reliable when it comes to taking pictures or scanning,  especially during the night.

This has happened many times. Maybe due to the low phone brightness, and shaky hands, or even problems in the scanning system itself, many retries are done to get a good scan. 

This leads to longer wait times just to sign in or out which causes a lot of stress for officers and students. The good thing, however, is that the officers are quick to solve things and get the line moving. Good save, I must say.

Its dependence on smartphones is also a problem, as ironic as that may be. 

Sometimes, events take too long and students may have already used up their battery percentages during the duration of the event. Some might rush to find a charging outlet somewhere but others won’t be so lucky. Maybe the attendance officers’ phones are having problems–bad camera quality, low light environments, low battery, lag, or other problems. There are just so many things that could go wrong.

Finally, there’s the problem with the attendance officers themselves. Though it doesn’t happen all the time–why is it so hard to find them during events? I’ve likely missed so many sign-ins due to this. 

Attendance officers stay in one place before the event starts to scan the codes but the problem lies in where that place is. It would’ve been better if the event was held on CBA grounds but if the event is university-wide, believe me, you’ll be as confused as I am.

You could have traveled the entire place but still no sign of them. Attendance checking is a boring task but please just stay in one place until the event starts. That would be nice, thank you.

Technology has already come a long way from the paper-pen duo but it doesn’t mean that it’s faultless. There will always be obstacles in whatever we do, and this QR thing is no exception.

However, the student council taking steps forward in easing their officers’ burdens during events is considered a good thing–a great thing actually. Who cares about the silly little problems that come along with it?

But no bother, at least you can still sign out, right?


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