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Emboldening our marks as Sillimanians

by Ian Chester E. Espellogo | October 16, 2022

Last Oct. 12, 2022, the Silliman University Senior High School celebrated its fifth recognition day. It was a day that commemorated the sacrifices and triumphs of not only the honorees but the parents, guardians, and faculty as well. It was a day that symbolized the solidification of faith, resiliency, and hope – core values that are evident in this new learning setup. The medals, certificates, and recognition each honoree has received on stage demonstrate how Sillimanians are living symbols of steadfastness and excellence. Sillimanians remain rooted in their goals and dreams no matter what challenge life hurls.

When we look back, however, it was not an easy ride – sometimes, strong forces of wind come to shake our sails and redirect our paths. Sometimes, we hit slumps that force us to spiral into a state of fear, anxiousness, and stress. Sometimes, we experience moments of weakness that hit us in our vulnerable spots. Sometimes, problems topple our hopes and dreams. But as Sillimanians, we have always bounced back – more robust, better, and wiser than before. With this in mind, we ask ourselves, who and what were our driving forces throughout the journey? Who was with us every step of the way? May it be our teachers, family, friends, guardians, and individual selves; let us take time to thank all of them for being our “constants” in this ever-changing world. 

Take time to show thankfulness to the things and people around you who are there for you no matter how hard change hits. Remember, Sillimanians, our “constants” allow us to embrace change while remaining true to ourselves. Despite every battle we have faced, the fact that we are here, in this world, shows how Sillimanians are rooted in our cause and calling no matter the environment or circumstance. 

And so, let these awards be reflections of our sacrifices, God’s divine providence, our family’s love, our friends’ care, our resiliency, and our steadfast faith that remains unshakeable despite the shifts, twists, and turns of this world. 

There are a million reasons to celebrate life; your family, friends, mentors, yourself, and The Lord Almighty are one of them. Let yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the years to follow be those days of celebration. 

Sillimanians, we are still in the first few chapters of our journey. Throughout our lives, we will experience a myriad of battles and transitions. However, the constants in our life will remain no matter how hard the winds of change shake our pillars.

As we sail through high tides, climb over chilling peaks, and face whatever battle presents itself before us, let us embolden our mark as Sillimanians and remember the constants that help us make sense and meaning of it. Congratulations to the 2022 SHS Honorees!


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