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Summer in the PH: What I Look Forward To

by Joellie Belle Badon | April 12, 2022

Thinking about the hot and dry days and the light beaming brightly so early in the morning makes me feel indifferent. 

Temperatures in the Philippines are scorching from March to May with the average annual humidity of at least 77% and with temperatures ranging from 25° to 32° Celsius. The locals call the Philippines’ warmest three months “summer”, even though meteorologists refer to this period as “the dry season”.

The comparably “cold” season, which spans from December to February, has been prolonged this year, resulting in substantial rainfall. Even worse, typhoons visit within the first half of the month, supposedly a warm season in the country.

Nonetheless, the Philippines has been bestowed with sunny scenery between November and May, so here’s what I believe on what to look forward to as we touch the other half of the season in a tropical country.

Taking advantage of the hot climate: Before the pandemic, city traffic decreased because schoolchildren were on a two-month summer vacation from early April onwards. 

When the weather is warm, pretty apparel and a refreshing drink are all options. I love seeing people enjoying the weather on beaches with their fits and stylish sunglasses. I also would love to experience this summer kinda vibe.

Regardless of the pandemic, I’d like to see people taking advantage of the season today. When the weather is nice, I enjoy seeing most people’s faces adorned with grins and sparkling eyes, especially when wearing masks.

This summer, I’m looking forward to seeing bright, cheerful faces again, even now that the masks are worn.

Being able to sleep in for a longer time: Knowing that the days will continue to grow longer is one of my favorite features of summer; nothing is worse than feeling as if the day has finished because of the month-long break.

You may spend more time outside with the longer days. Before, I usually participated in outdoor activities or attended lessons, so the more daylight I have, the more fun and entertainment I would be able to have.

However, now that I’m a college student, I’m looking forward to a lengthy summer with lots of sleep. Before the summer ends and another school year begins, I’d make the most of it.

Relaxing by the shore: I’m one of those people that like going to the beaches and swimming, walking along the beach while admiring the landscape, and taking a few photos. 

The waves’ and sun’s combined calming effects are enough to make people forget their worries. The sun’s heat, the sound of the waves, and toes in the sand may all help to relax and unwind. 

I look forward to relaxing on the beach, taking advantage of the opportunity to get some additional rest, especially on the shore. 

I receive a sense of contentment every time I walk on wet sand, feel the ocean air on my face, and smell the saltiness of the sea. When I’m at the beach, I always feel relaxed and fulfilled.

It’s also worth noting that the week leading up to Easter weekend is known here in the Philippines as “Holy Week”, and flights, hotels, and resorts are typically sold out months in advance. It’s that time of year again when most beach resorts are fully booked and foreign tourists seeking a tan flock to the area.

Choosing the best summer destinations and going through the plan — the most thrilling part of summer: Selecting the perfect month to visit the Philippines is more challenging than in countries with four seasons. Still, by studying the differences between the months, travelers may choose a period that best matches their unique travel goals. 

As pandemic travel restrictions have loosened and more individuals worldwide have obtained complete vaccinations, tourism opportunities have arisen.

There’s a lot to look forward to while traveling to the Philippines and viewing some of the country’s most beautiful sights.

Boracay has long been a tourist’s dream, even mine, due to its blue waters and stunning beaches. It is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations, surrounded by lush white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. It’s a full-service resort island with some of the world’s finest hotels and fantastic watersports.

Also, El Nido should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is also one of mine! The pristine white beaches, beautiful lagoons, and magnificent limestone formations make this a must-see location. It also has some of the country’s most opulent resorts!

On the same island as El Nido (in Palawan) in Coron, you may snorkel, sail, or swim to learn about the country’s aquatic biodiversity. Coron is known for its beautiful coral formations, freshwater kayaking areas, and towering limestone cliffs. 

Siargao is also at the top of my list, a popular beach destination for beach bums and surfers, and is known as the country’s Surfing Capital. It’s easy to see why so many city people come to get away from it all, with thickets of coconut trees, tranquil beaches, and rock pools.

Above all, the Siquijor, also known as “Isla del Fuego”, is the talk of the town right now when it comes to must-see attractions and places to explore in a beautiful, safe environment. I feel you should include them in your trip plans for the year! 

It’s conceivable that Siquijor is only a short boat journey from our island, which contributes to its appeal as a summer resort. Apart from that, the white beaches of this island are well-known. I want to go this year too — walking along the beach soaking up under the sun.

Siquijor is a small Philippine island in the Sulu Sea, south of Cebu. Unlike El Nido and Coron, it lacks the infrastructure to support tourists. Still, it’s a perfect spot to unwind for a week or two because the environment is laid-back, and there are beautiful beaches and waterfalls to visit. 

The blue-grayish water turns white as it bounces off fast, flowing peacefully, and occasionally drops abruptly, and the view from afar is just so pleasing to the eyes.

On the Philippine island of Siquijor, there are many must-do activities. I’d want to try them out and have my summer on such a well-known island. 

I am looking forward to enjoying the heat of the top summer places in 2022, such as Salagdoong Beach on Siquijor Island, which is popular with both locals and visitors.

The Philippines has a variety of summer destinations. However, we should remember that the tropical sun is at its hottest during these months, so I should recommend you use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, of preferably 50 or higher while you’re outside to avoid getting burnt. In addition, we should avoid heat stress and increase daily water consumption throughout the ‘summer’ season.

As summer continues, there’s a lot I look forward to — the end of the rainy season *fingers crossed*, the sun’s advent, and the most awaited semester’s conclusion — to enjoy this typical PH season.


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