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Intrams Aftermath

By DM Lorena Narciso

Sun-kissed skins. Bruises. Scratches. Belfast fitness outlet owner avoids prison for supplying steroids to clients purchasing steroids online step pharma raises €35m in series b financing – finsmes Sprained legs.
These are some common things we see from the athletes who played during last week’s intramural games. All these contribute to the intramurals aftermath.
With all these “hideous aftereffects (as they say),” other people tend to inflict more pain on the athletes. This time not physical but psychological and emotional by repeatedly bullying them with the words lagum, ngilo, maot, looy.
The concern is there, yes. But have these people ever thought that saying the same comments every day will make someone feel worse?
Athletes played the games because they love to. They gave their efforts to represent their colleges and make them proud. They did something not for themselves but for other people. They did it to make other people happy. And now, here you are, commenting on every bad thing which happened to them.
The sun-kissed skin, bruises, scratches and sprained legs are the living memory of how athletes enjoyed the game. It is the physical proof of how they did their best to compete and win the games.
It is their BEST remembrance.
Dear concerned individuals, it would be totally okay if you express your sympathies to those athletes who were physically injured and altered. But it would be better if you appreciate the good things that they have done rather than the bad things which happened to them.
Please be more considerate of how you comment on somebody’s worth.
And to you dear athletes, if you have ever experienced these kinds of comments – just let it pass. It is never the injury that counts, it’s the experience, the joy, the moments you have shared and the additional family you gained. Never mind other people telling you how negative the changes you gained. What matters most is that you had your best memories on those scars, on those bruises, on those sprained legs and on those sun-burned skin.
It has always been everybody’s motto “to always look at the bright side.” As individuals, we should never give importance to things that will never give good effects on other people’s lives. Don’t be inconsiderate and tactless at the same time. Remember that concern and mock are two different words – they never coincide.
As intramurals 2013 has ended, many things had happened. But on top of it all, it’s the happiness that counts. Let us not be the negative vibes which would ruin these very precious moments.
Instead, let’s be the sunlight that brightens up a person day even though how bad it is.


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