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Fabled Artifacts that Traditional Filipino Teachers Used in Maintaining Classroom Peace and Order

Compiled by Jeck G. Tirambulo | Features Editor

Vol. XCI No. 8

Oct. 4, 2019

October 5 is designated as the World Teachers’ Day. While this is the time to appreciate our teachers for their significant contribution to society, let us also recall the times when they were feared—respected by 90s Filipino students only by force. Here is a list of legendary classroom objects that traditional teachers used, and are now a thing of social media nostalgia:


Bullet Chalk
Speed: 9/10
Physical Damage: 3/10
Morale Damage: 7/10
Special Attribute: Will leave a shameful mark on the hit area.


Eraser Blast
Speed: 7/10
Physical Damage: 2/10
Morale Damage: 9/10
Special Attribute: Has a blinding area-of-effect that affects unintended targets. 


Divine Meter Rapier
Speed: 6/10
Physical Damage: 10/10
Morale Damage: 11/10
Special Attribute: Every hit has a ten percent chance to summon guardians (parents).



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