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“How do you feel about the standoff between the MNLF and the Philippine government in Zamboanga City?”

Compiled by Nectarina Catada

“What a heartbreaking reality that our government has not been able to have their control over those Bangsamoro arm forces. That is really a clear slap to the governments face that even how much favor and how many peace agreement they deal with the MNLF, still the MNLF has afford to be against our government and been able to harm our Filipinos in Zamboanga.”
Lourine O. Barillo, BSAB II

“The MNLF’s outburst in Zamboanga City is definitely a distraction to divert our attentions from Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam although I feel very sorry for the people in Zamboanga who are stuck between the exchange of fire between the MNLFs and the Philippine Army.”
Edcarl R. Cagandahan, AB Political Science II

“The war in Zamboanga is bad because civilians including children were killed and the chaos has not been resolved yet. The President did not declare state of calamity even though it is needed. It’s a good thing supplies were given for the people in Zamboanga.”
Dave B. Sesnorio, BSED Bio III

“I feel scared about my family’s situation, since we are from Zamboanga, but the good thing is my parents live two hours away from the city. However, it is still not safe because 2 hours is also near. Every time I hear news updates about Zamboanga, I feel nervous. I can’t concentrate in my studies knowing that I am safe here but my loved ones are not. That is why I was filled with happiness when President Noynoy Aquino went there. But after that, cruelty from the MNLF’s still continued. My father told me that one of my friends is one of the hostages but luckily he was able to escape. My dad also told me that the MNLF’s raped the women they hostaged. Zamboanga, my beloved place, is not a safe place since then. And now, it’s at its worst stage. Aside from fighting back, all we can do is PRAY. And when I say pray, it means PRAY HARD. PRAY HARD FOR
Lorie Jayne C. Soriano, BMC III


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