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What suggestions can you give to the cafeteria to maintain customer satisfaction?

Compiled by Anna Avery Zapanta | tWS Editor-in-Chief

[Vol. XCIII | No. 01]
October 17, 2022

“I think it is within everyone’s interest to establish aircons in the SU cafeteria. I think a lot of students would like that since it is hot outside.”

Shaneika L. Ho | BS Agriculture Major in Agriculture Business – II | IG: @flam_lo

“Though nostalgia is said to be the best ingredient, no teaspoon or tablespoon is enough to justify the valuation of the cheese bread that is currently being offered in the school cafeteria. While some may argue that they should bring back down the prices I would have to disagree. Rather than focusing on the price I would rather focus on the quality of the product. The reputation that trails behind each bite of the bread is something every Sillimanian, both current and future, should have the privilege of experiencing.”

Marc Joshua C. Matildo | BS Physical Therapy – II

“One suggestion I have for the cafeteria is to hold face-to-face feedback sessions and provide short customer satisfaction surveys. Customers, I believe, play a critical role in the growth of a business or establishment, and by having these measures, they may be able to examine trends and status based on calculated figures and received assessments.”

Kairos Noel D. Daron | BS Medical Technology – I

“The SU Caf should ask its customers what aspects of its services should be improved. This can surely help improve aspects that they haven’t given much attention to.”

Nikole Elli | BSBA Operations Management  – IV

“more cheesebread”

Andrea Jane Montenegro | SHS – 11 STEAM

“No to unang kagat tinapay lahat”

Antoinette Joie Mamuyac | SHS – 11 STEAM

“I hope the cafeteria could offer food that are more affordable for the students. And a more wider variety of snacks.”

Leica Mae Calooy | Social Work – I


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