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SUSG Sociocultural Committee to showcase local artists’ work

By Deogracia William Bemida | February 2, 2021

The SUSG Sociocultural Committee is hosting the “Paghulagway: A Collection of Stories and Poems” to showcase the creativity and skills of local artists in visual storytelling and narration. 

In line with the celebration of National Arts Month and Valentine’s Day, the committee launched the event to spread awareness of different literary works and promote the beauty of diversity among cultures, heritage, and arts. 

Photo credits: SUSG Sociocultural committee

“The SUSG Sociocultural Committee aims to give the Silliman community a chance to learn about the beauty of Filipino literature, as well as provide our local artists a platform to showcase their creativity and skills,” Lloyd Vincent Cudal, the vice-chair of the Sociocultural Committee, said. 

“The month of February has some celebrations such as the National Arts Month and Valentine’s Day, so we thought of something that will relate to such celebrations, and we came up with the painting competition,” Cudal added.

“After consulting with the experts, it transitioned into illustration competition with themes revolving in love and romance.”

Last January 30, the committee held a virtual webinar open for all the contestants and interested non-Sillimanian individuals to orient and establish a deeper meaning of arts with guest speaker, W. Don Flores, an instructor from Fine Arts, who shared his insights and experiences in art.

There were 44 participants who attended the webinar and according to Cudal, “It was very fun and interesting as the speaker had outstanding lectures, wisdom, and knowledge that surely marked the listener’s heart, and they had exciting engagements with the participants and the speaker.” 

  The list of prizes includes 3,000 pesos for the 1st placer, 2,000 pesos for the 2nd placer, 1,500 pesos for the 3rd placer, and 1,000 pesos for the people’s choice awards. These will be granted to the participants who may opt to claim the prize or credit the amount to their tuition fees.

Paghulagway is open for interested Sillimanian students, organizations, and those who currently take a break this semester. The online registration period starts from January 27 until February 6. For more information of the event, the mechanics and full details are posted on the committee’s Facebook page.

 Currently, Paghulagway has 16 participants and the registration period is still on-going.  It will culminate the awarding of winners on February 14.

The SUSG Sociocultural Committee is in partnership with the Fine Arts and Design Student Organization, SUSG High School Affairs, and Sibugaynong Sillimanian in preparation for the event.


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