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CCS faculty present papers in nat’l confab

by Jennis Miranda   

TWO FACULTY MEMBERS of the Silliman University College of Computer Studies (CCS) presented papers at the 10th National Conference on Information Technology Education (NCITE) under the “Information System and Policy” category.

Dr. Dave E. Marcial’s paper on “Information System Strategic Planning in Higher Education Institutions (HEI)” ranked second in its category. The paper addresses how HEIs prioritize and implement programs regarding information systems.

Marcial said, “I tried to merge two different interests which are IT (Information Technology) education and educational studies.”

The college dean also added that the results of his study would establish a standard for HEIs such as SU.

“There are still many things that Silliman University needs to know although we are moving into the right direction,” he said.

The top three problems that HEIs have are lack of computers, no Internet connectivity and limited knowledge to manage information systems.

Marcial recommended a follow-up study for the next six years if there would be an improvement on implementation in the programs of HEIs.

On the same event, Percival Gerard M. Genove, systems developer at the Management Information Systems (MIS), presented a paper entitled “Network-driven Budget Preparation and Monitoring System” which automates budget allocation.

Genove explains that this program is accurate since it runs on real-time and speeds up the budget allocation process. Although the program has been tailored for SU, it is a generic system, which means that it can also be used for the benefit of other companies.
He added that there are also plans to improve the program by creating additional features that can execute budget approvals online. The program is currently having a test-run at the SU Business and Finance Office.

The conference, which was sponsored by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) and the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE), was held at the North Western University, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte last Oct. 18 to 20 with the theme: “Outcomes-Based Education.”


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