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Mobile Legends: Newest Intrams Esport

By Dominic Zi Ann D. Ng | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 11

Dec. 6, 2019

The Chairperson of Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Sports and Recreation Committee, Jose Paolo M. Echavez held a meeting with the governors from different colleges last Oct. 5 at the Oriental Hall. The meeting’s agenda was to gather suggestions for the incoming  Intramurals and what electronic sports they want to include and also their concerns with the Intramurals Handbook. 

When Paolo asked the governors in regards to what Esport they want to include in the Intramurals, Louie Naranjo, Governor of the College of Computer Studies voted for Mobile Legends.

 “Esports, in general, give an avenue for those who aren’t into physical sports. Instead of using much of your physical body, it uses much of the brain, thus “exercising” it. I’m just glad that they included one more e-sport because it proves how inclusive the Intramurals is this year,” said Louie.

According to Paolo, the inclusion of Mobile Legends as an Esport provides a sense of relevance and evolution to the tournament. With 17 out of 18 colleges participating in the games, he believes that the new game will be welcomed by students. He added that this e-sport would not be considered as a mainstay because Esports are very much an evolving aspect of sports. “Next year, there might not be many players on DOTA 2 nor Mobile Legends anymore. Perhaps Fortnite or Call of Duty Mobile would be in higher demand. Time will change things, and how these changes will be handled depends on the next administration for the Sports and Recreation Committee,” Paolo articulated.


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