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Two Sillimanians top 2019 MTLE

By Kristhel Hannah B. Baluarte | News Editor

Vol. XCI No. 8

Oct. 4, 2019

TWO GRADUATES of the Silliman University (SU) Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (ICLS) ranked second and fifth on the September 2019 Medical Technologist Licensure Examination (MTLE) given last Sept. 21 – 22.

Marichu P. Lomotos and Marc Rodney S. Manaban, with an average of 90.40% and 89.70% placed second and fifth, respectively. They both graduated last March 2019.

Lomotos, who graduated magna cum laude, said that as an ordinary student who consistently did her best every day, she felt so blessed to have the chance to be a part of the top 10 and carry the name of SU. “No one can really say what will happen in the future but we could work hard for it, have that overflowing faith to the Almighty to make it happen, to achieve a wonderful feat,” she added.

Before the boards, Lomotos shared that her preparations included her four years in ICLS, months of review and many days of prayer. She made it a point to read her handouts and books repeatedly, and absorb their contents.

“It takes a lot of discipline to do this [preparing for the boards] because there will be days of frustration and exhaustion. One can rest but one cannot give up,” said Lomotos.

Manaban, who also graduated magna cum laude, said that he was indeed aiming to be a topnotcher. He shared that it is due to the pressures and expectations placed upon him by his batchmates and teachers. But he still prepared himself for the results. “A topnotcher or not, [since above all] it’s the Lord’s will that must prevail and thankfully, His plan for me was to be a part of the top 10!” he said.

He said he had no established routine before studying; he just made sure he got enough sleep. He then read as many books as he could, especially the major subjects, and studied them together with the handouts given by review centers.

Lomotos plans to pursue a career in medicine. As for, Manaban, his plans include entering the academe and handling laboratory classes in ICLS.

Aside from Lomotos and Manaban, ICLS also produced 153 passers in this year’s MTLE, obtaining a passing rate of 90.53%. The national passing rate was 73.5%.

Although it’s not a 100% passing rate, ICLS Director Asst. Prof. Evelyn Fajardo said, “We’re very happy with the results, and the department is very much proud of their achievements. And, it is not every year we have topnotchers especially placing second and fifth.”

The Medical Technology Alumni from Georgia also extends their congratulations to the passers, particularly the topnotchers.


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